Measurements: item A: 1.2 cm – length, item B: 1.3 cm – length, item C: 1.2 cm – length, item D: 1.3 cm - length


Description: A selection of small-sized steatite scarabs from the renowned Mustaki collection. All of the pieces are longitudinally pierced and suitable for wear. The scarabs carry various hieroglyphs, the most notable ones being the sphinx on items A and B. Sphinx was used as a biliteral for rw and uniliteral for l or r. It is also an ideogram for a lion. On scarabs A and B, next to the sphinx on the left is an ideogram for a chariot. Item C features ankh hieroglyph, which stands for life, next to a feather of Ma’at, which stands for truth.  Item D features a feather of goddess Maat with two nefer hieroglyphs on each side. Nefer represents the good or beautiful, also beauty and perfection. Ma’at is the goddess of truth and justice; her attribute – the ostrich feather - represents the truth. Egyptian god Khepri was often depicted as a scarab and these beetles were viewed as symbols of rebirth and regeneration. The price is per individual item. Please e-mail with the letter of your preferential scarab prior to purchase.


Provenance: From the Gustave Mustaki collection, a collector of antiquities who amassed a large collection in Alexandria (Egypt). Mustaki was an avid collector in the early 20th century and his collection came to the UK under the Egyptian licence in 1947. Many of his pieces are in major museums worldwide, including the British Museum, the Getty Museum and the Egyptian State Museum. We have purchased over 1700 scarabs from this collection and many of these items were catalogued by Carol Andrews (formerly Egyptian Department in the British Museum).


Period: New Kingdom (1550 – 1077 BC)


Condition: Very fine, minor crazing to the surfaces. Minor chipping and crazing to items A and D.

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