Byzantine oil lamps



Measurements: lamp A: 7.8 cm - length, lamp B: 8.5 cm - length


Description: A quaint pair of Byzantine red pottery lamps, most commonly known as slipper lamps. The decoration of both lamps is typically abstract, depicting lines and vine scrolls in relief. The wick holes are both slightly blackened from use. Lamps such as these are occasionally known as animal head lamps, due to the appearance of the knob on the handle. Lovely, affordable pieces of antiquity. Price is per individual item. Please state your preference when ordering. Items do not come with a stand. Item B is SOLD.


Period: 5th – 8th century AD


References: Wesleyan University


Condition: Very fine with slight encrustations to the base of the lamp and near the wick holes. Traces of usage and minor chipping to the surface possible.

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