Hoi An wreck lobed jarlets



Measurements: 6 cm – diameter, 3.7 cm - height


Description: A selection of delicate Hoi An blue on white porcelain lobed jarlets of good size. Perfect as a gift from antiquity, a lovely presentation piece. These little jars are of flattened ovoid form, with lobed yet undecorated bodies, between jewelled bands. Price is per each item, please state your preferred item while ordering.


In the mid 15th century a freighting junk loaded with fine Vietnamese pottery sank in an area of the South China Sea called the “Dragon’s Embrace.” Around 1994 local fishermen began finding pottery in their nets. The Vietnamese Government determined that this was a significant find and engaged an archaeological salvage company to locate the ship and retrieve the cargo. Many thousands of pieces of pottery were found – in fact, the greatest recovery of sunken treasure of all time. The best pieces are in the museums of Vietnam. The larger, fine pieces were auctioned in the world’s major auction houses, in London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, etc.


Reference: Butterfields, Treasures From The Hoi An Hoard - Important Vietnamese Ceramics from a Late 15th / Early 16th Century Cargo, Volumes 1 & 2, lot 496.


Period: 1450 AD


Condition: Perfect, intact, a possibility of small firing flaws and minor chipping.


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