Measurements: 4 - 4.5 cm -length


Description: A group of Hellenistic Greek socketed bronze lanceolate bilobate arrowheads with spurs and prominent flange midribs, which become part of the long sockets. All of the spurs curve down from the tops of the conoid sockets. Bilobate heads appear to have been developed in the Pontic Steppe area in the 8th century BC. They preceded the trilobate shapes. By the 7th century they had a large distribution in Anatolia and the Caucasus, and later they appear in the Near East and Europe. Price is per each item. Please e-mail a letter of your preferred arrowhead prior to your purchase.


Reference: Malloy, A. G., Weapons. Ancient and Medieval Art and Antiquities, 1994, plate XIV, no. 114.

Petrie, W. M. F., Tools and Weapons, 1917, plate XLI, no. 135.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Period: 7th - 3rd century BC


Condition: Very fine. Dark green patina and minor encrustations over the whole of each arrowhead.

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