Greco-Phoenician Swivel Ring with Scarab

£ 2,500.00

A finely modelled Ancient Greco-Phoenician swivel ring featuring a brown glazed steatite scarab set in a solid gold bezel. The scarab appears decorated to the underside with the depiction of a male figure and a feline. The ring features a thick and plain loop, threaded through the ends of the bezel. UK ring size S. Weight 10.9 g.

Date: Circa 6th-4th Century BC
Condition: Extremely fine, complete and intact. Suitable for modern wear with care.
Product Code: GS-42
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The swivel ring is Phoenician in origin and was extremely popular across the Mediterranean basin in Antiquity, similar items having been found in Cyprus, Greece, Egypt and Etruria. The theme of man versus nature was extremely popular in Phoenician art, and depictions of men fighting against wild animals were commonly portrayed. Other types of decorative motifs featured on such rings include nature, deities and myths. On the other hand, the scarab and glazing technique are of Egyptian origin. The combination of these elements shows the inter-connectivity of various civilisations in the ancient world through well-established trade routes, with different peoples often borrowing styles and artistic techniques from one another.

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Dimensions W 2.3 cm



Southern Europe



Egyptian Mythology


Reference: For a similar item,The British Museum, item 133458.

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