Ancient Greek Gold Bangle

£ 2,250.00

An extremely fine Ancient Greek hollow gold bangle, featuring an oval shape, slightly bulging at the centre. Bangles and earrings featuring similar shape have been also recovered from the Achaemenid Empire and Ancient Cyprus, as a testimony of the cultural and artistic exchanges happening in Antiquity. A wonderful example of Ancient Greek goldsmith art, featuring almost pristine condition. The bangle is modelled using high karat gold, around 22-24 karat. Weight: 22.5 g.

Date: Circa 8th-4th century BC
Provenance: From a Mayfair gallery, 1970's-1980's, London.
Condition: Extremely fine. The ornament is suitable for modern wear with care.


Product Code: GS-57

As in many ancient societies, jewellery was an important social marker used to demonstrate wealth and richness. In Ancient Greek and Persian culture jewellery was worn in everyday life but was also buried with the decease as part of his or her funerary outfit. Jewellery might have been enriched by precious and semi-precious stones and decorative motives would have included popular myths, gods, goddesses, and heroes. Interestingly, the use of gold bangles of this type was widespread across all the ancient word, from Ancient Egypt to the European Bronze age and the Mediterranean regions.

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Dimensions W 6.3 cm



Southern Europe

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