Ancient Greek Terracotta Head from Taranto

£ 900.00

A beautiful red terracotta fragment of a youth’s head, from the Greek colony of Taranto in South Italy. The figure is shown wearing a tainia, a headband or fillet which was worn by the Ancient Greeks during festivals, adorning the figure’s finely modelled wavy hair. Facial features are naturalistically rendered, with much attention given towards the modelling of details.

Date: Circa Late 6th – 4th Century BC
Provenance: Tom Virzi (1881 – 1974) collection, New York. Private collection, Switzerland, in part acquired from Galleria Serodine, Ascona.
Condition: Very fine, the head has been professionally restored; it features a small hole on the left side, by the ear of the statue. Overall earthly encrustations. The item is mounted on a custom made stand.


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Terracotta figurines are the most common sculpture type in Ancient Greek art. Often fairly crude in their rendering, they were clearly designed for use across all levels of society, and provide insight into the everyday lives of Ancient Greeks. As a result of their popularity, they were often used for votive purposes.

Dimensions W 10 x H 14.3 cm

Southern Europe