Measurements: 18 cm diameter, 7 cm - height


Description: An Attic black-figure terracotta kylix featuring D-shaped applied loop handles and a low pedestal foot. The kylix was commonly used in Ancient Greece as a wine-drinking cup.  The body is decorated internally with glossy black paint, featuring a series of concentric circles and a central black silhouette of a dancing woman on a red background. The female figure can be associated with a maenad, the female follower of the Greek god of wine, Dyonisus.


The external surface displays a symposium scene featuring four black silhouettes of men, seated on folding chair, okladiai. The figures are depicted wearing himations. Leaves and vine trellises, rendered in a stylized way through a series of dots,  enrich the background of the scene depicted.


The scene echoes the celebration of life through music, dance and wine. Symposia where the occasion where men gathered to eat, drink and sing together but also to have various conversations about philosophy, politics or poetry.


Period: 5th - 4th Century BC


Condition: Fine, some minor crazing and signs of aging on the surface, chips on the lip, on the outside and in the centre.

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