Attic Lekythos with Geometric Decoration

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A Greek black-figure terracotta lekythos. The vessel features a tapered body with a narrow neck and a small, deep mouth. A single handle joins the neck to the shoulder of the vessel. It has been decorated with glossy black paint against the red clay, and there is also glossy black paint on the vessel’s rim and base. The focus of the decoration is a meander motif in the body’s centre, which is framed by two motifs of square hatching. On the shoulder of the lekythos there is a series of vertical lines. Some black gloss also remains on handle, and some also remains on the interior of the rim.

Date: Circa 5th – 4th Century BC
Condition: Fair condition with some areas of paint eroded just beneath the handle.


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Lekythoi were used in Ancient Greece to preserve and pour perfumed oil and ointments: its particular shape limited the release of the content and was suitable to prevent waste. Lekythoi were mainly used at baths and gymnasiums and for funerary offerings, as they were sometimes used for anointing dead bodies.

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Dimensions H 12.7 cm

Southern Europe



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