Attic Squat Lekythos with Dancing Figure

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A black glazed squat Lekythos, with an applied loop handle and funnel tip mouth, an exaggerated bulbous lower half sitting atop of a raised ring foot.  The lekythos displays a beautiful decoration with glossy black slip against the red clay, visible to the vessel’s body, rim and base. Two concentric bands, one with alternating thin and thick paint strokes and the outer one with a wave motif, decorate the shoulder, between the spout and the handle. Arranged in a frieze, running along the vessel’s body, is a decoration featuring the depiction of a female figure portrayed dancing and wearing a long, draped chiton and holding a taenia, the Ancient Greek fillet or headband worn during festivals, in her right hand. Beautiful detailing to the rendering of the hair, which appears almost windswept by the motion of the dancing, and facial features are painted with thin, delicate brush strokes, naturalistically depicting of the figure’s face. Stylized tendrils on both sides frame the figure and a stylized beautiful foliage motif featuring two long tendrils enclose an acanthus leaf.

Date: Circa 5th century BC
Provenance: Ex Alison Barker (deceased) collection, 1980-90's, Christchurch.
Condition: Very fine, professional repairs to the neck and the handle.


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Lekythoi were used in Ancient Greece to preserve and pour perfumed oil and ointments: its particular shape limited the release of the content and was suitable to prevent waste. Lekythoi were mainly used at baths and gymnasiums and for funerary offerings, as they were sometimes used for anointing dead bodies. The female figure depicted on this beautiful example of Greek pottery, can be identified as ‘maenade’, known in Greek literature and mythology as the female followers of the god Dionysus.

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Dimensions H 10 cm

Southern Europe