Cypriot Bottle with a Round Base

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A small Cypriot pottery bottle in polished reddish coloured clay with traces of firing and incised motifs accentuated with white pigment. The vessel features two pierced holes near the mouth for a suspension cord or stopper-attachment. This item displays incised plain, multilinear vertical zigzags on the neck alternated with incised chequered units and a band of horizontal diamonds to the body.

Date: Circa 1900 – 1600 BC
Provenance: Ex Desmond Morris private collection.
Condition: Fine, the item has been significantly restored. The body shows traces of professional repairs and fragments assembled, same around the mouth. The restoration is executed completely and no fragments are missing.


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The decoration is reminiscent, although not identical, with the manner of the Fine Line Artist, the most prolific artist noted of this style. The manner in which this item is distinguished from the Fine Line Artist is the diamond patterns in between the banded ones. These diamonds feature zigzags and straight lines and are much narrower than the banded diamonds, almost serving as fillers. Small bottles of this type were extremely popular in the Early and Middle Bronze Age, coming in a variety of incised motifs. This item comes from the private collection of Desmond Morris who wrote one of the most comprehensive studies on Cypriot art as well as being an accomplished zoologist, ethologist, surrealist painter, and a popular author in human socio-biology.

Dimensions H 16.2 cm

Near East (Western Asiatic), Southern Europe



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