Measurements: 17 cm – height, 10.3 cm – width


Description: An Eastern Greek hollow backed terracotta bull’s head protome, sitting on a custom made stand. Featuring pricked ears, short and stumpy horns and stippled forelock. Delicate almond shaped eyes sit beneath thick brows. Pierced twice at the back for suspension. Bulls were among the most popular sacrificial animals in antiquity. In art, they often appeared in shape of vessels, figurines, water spouts, protomes on pottery, furniture, and architecture or as masks. The purpose of this piece is most likely ornamental, an architectural protome.  


Period: 4th – 3rd cent. BC


Provenance: An ex English collection. 1930’s, private Dutch collection, Bonhams 2011.


Condition: An excellent piece, intact and well preserved. Natural weathering to the clay surface.

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