Measurements: 15.2 cm – height, 10 cm - width


Description: A lovely Apulian epichysis depicting a seated Eros. Epichysis is a jug with a reel-shaped body and elongated handle and neck ending in a beaked spout. Winged Eros is shown leaning back and holding a plate (ritual offering) in his right hand while seated upon his bent left leg. He is nude except for sandals and a fillet in his hair, which is bound up at the back by a band. Palmette panels decorate the remaining shoulder area and ovolo band is painted around the shoulder flange. A small upright palmette fan is at the base of the handle which features modelled animal heads on either side of the handle where it joins the spout. Encircling the body of the epichysis is a delicate vine band. This vessel was used as a container for oil.


Provenance: Survanna collection, Sussex, 1975 – 1990.


Period: 4th cent. BC


Condition: Fine, intact. Restoration to the upper rim with ovolo border displaying stress crack circling the vessel, with part of said rim restored which is evident in surface discoloration and alterations to the original pigment. Same alterations in colour visible on side palmettes and the figure of Eros.

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