Measurements: 9.8 cm – height, 9.3 cm - width


Description: A small Apulian lekanis comprised of a bowl on a low foot and a matching lid. The lid of the lekanis is adorned with female heads, the so-called ladies of fashion (most likely young brides), which are adorned with white paint and depicted wearing elaborate caps and jewellery.  Palmettes fill the spaces between the heads and a border of wavy strokes decorates the rim of the lid. The bottom bowl is plain and executed in orange gloss.


One of the quaintest ancient Greek ceramic shapes, the lekanis was used in to store soaps and scented perfumes. It appears to have been a female object especially associated with wedding gifts and bridal adornment.


Provenance: Survanna collection, Sussex, 1975 – 1990.


Reference: Green, J. R., Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, USA 22, Philadelphia 1 (1986), Plate 29.


Period: 4th cent. BC


Condition: Fine, mostly intact.  Crazing to the surface. Minor chipping to the outer rim of the bottom part and chips to the foot of the bowl. The handle of the lid has been repaired, cracks visible – please refer to photos.

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