Measurements: 1.7 cm – internal diameter, 2.33 g – weight, approximate ring sizes: P – British, 7 ¾  – USA, 16.23 - Europe


Description: A beautiful Greek gold ring adorned with a figure of a child, most likely Eros, and two garnets within gold granule border. The figure of a child-Eros is crafted with hands on his hips and a sash across his chest that is made of miniscule granules. He is standing on a sphere. The sash is the usual attribute of Eros on Greek jewellery, presumably used so he can carry his quiver.  The item is suitable for modern wear with care. Please note that the wearable size is quite large.


Reference: For more information on Greek rings see: Marshall, F.H., Catalogue of the Finger Rings - Greek, Etruscan and Roman - in the Department of Antiquities, British Museum, London, 1968.

For similar objects see: Christie’s sale 2771, lot 262.


Provenance: From a London auction house, before that from the property of a London gentleman, acquired before 1995.


Period: 3rd – 2nd cent. BC


Condition: Very fine.

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