Measurements: height – 14.8 cm, width – 6.6 cm


Description: An intact Hellenistic glass amphora of brownish colour with white dragged zigzag pattern to the body and spirals to the neck and the terminal. Iridescence present, decoration extends through the whole vessel. Smooth surface. This form is typical for the Eastern Mediterranean and Hellenistic period. The core-formed or sandcore vessels were created when a core of sand, mud or clay was formed around the end of a metal rod. Molten glass was trailed onto to the core to form the body of the vessel and decorative threads of contrasting colours were trailed and dragged into various patterns, such as feather or zigzag. 


Reference: Matheson, S. B., Ancient glass in the Yale University Art Gallery, 1980, no. 27.


Period: 3rd – 1st cent. BC


Condition: Fine. Repairs to the handles.

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