Hellenistic Glass Core-Formed Amphoriskos

£ 3,500.00

An intact Hellenistic glass amphora of brownish colour with a white dragged zigzag pattern to the body and spirals to the neck and the terminal. This beautiful item features iridescence and the decoration is present over the whole artifact, which displays a smooth surface.

Date: Circa 3rd-1st century BC
Condition: Fine. Repairs to the handles.
Product Code: GS-09
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This form is typical for the Eastern Mediterranean and Hellenistic period. The core-formed or sandcore vessels were created when a core of sand, mud or clay was formed around the end of a metal rod. Molten glass was then trailed onto the core to form the body of the vessel and decorative threads of contrasting colours were applied and dragged into various patterns, such as feathers or zigzag designs.

Dimensions W 6.6 x H 14.8 cm

Southern Europe


Sand Core

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