Measurements: 7 cm – height, 15.5 cm – diameter


Description: A superb terracotta black-figure kylix from Attica, featuring D-shaped handles and a low pedestal foot. Both handles and foot are covered in black slip. The centre of the vessel is unglazed with a small black dot within a circle. The rest of the interior and the external rim are glazed in black. Below the rim is a band of black palmettes, separated by tendrils. Under the palmettes is a wavy border going all around the kylix. The motifs on these cups were drawn with diluted glaze. This type of vessel was the most common type of a wine-drinking cup in ancient Greece.  


Reference: The British Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Period: 6th - 5th century BC


Condition: Very fine, intact, with crazing to the surface of the handles and interior. A minor stress hairline to the bottom for the foot.

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