Measurements: 11 cm – height, 4.5 cm - length


Description: A Greek red terracotta shoulder-lekythos featuring a tapering body, a narrow neck and a small, deep mouth. A single handle joins the neck with the vessel’s shoulder. The lekythos’ body is decorated in red slip with three palmettes interspaced with thin darker vertical lines. Glossy red paint covers the rim to the outside and inside.


Lekythoi were used in Ancient Greece to preserve and pour perfumed oil and ointments: theirs the particular shape limited the release of the content and was suitable to prevent waste. They were mainly used at baths and gymnasiums and for funerary offerings.


Period: 5th-4th century BC


Condition: Fine, with signs of ageing and chips on the surface. Part of the original pigmentation has disappeared due to aging.

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