Measurements: Diameter - 14.4 cm, height – 7.3 cm


Description: An elegant late Attic terracotta skyphos. The entire exterior appears to have been glazed in a layer of glossy black colour – unusual for Attic vase painting of this period, which tends to have figures or patterns. The interior has also been glazed entirely in black, indicating high quality workmanship. The underside of the base of the skyphos has been left with the red clay exposed, bar the presence of two concentric black circles.  It is fairly typical in its form, with two handles and the bowl is raised slightly on a foot.

A skyphos was a cup for drinking, mainly used for drinking wine – it would probably have been used as a part of the symposium.

Interestingly, in terms of its decoration, this is the kind of exterior we might expect from Greek colonies in southern Italy, on the basis of the lustrous black glaze. The exposed red on the underside of the foot with its concentric circles, however, confirms that this is indeed an Attic example of a skyphos.


Condition: Good condition with some slight abrasion and minor chips to the surface but otherwise the glaze is intact.


Period: Late Attic, Circa 4th – 3rd Century BC

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