Measurements: 8 cm − height, 8.2 cm − width


Description: An Apulian black-glazed kyathos with a globular body and a high vertical handle that conjoins the body to the everted rim, which the handle arches above. The piece has a slightly concave base. The kyathos was developed in the sixth century BC in the workshop of Nikosthenes, so-called from the Greek verb kuein, 'to contain'. The type denotes a small dipper with a single high handle and a low foot. It is categorised as a mixing vessel, commonly used in symposia or drinking parties, and its modern parallel is the ladle.


Provenance: Ex collection of Mrs Elias-Vaes, The Netherlands, acquired 1960s or early 1970s.


Reference: For black-glazed kyathos: Museum of Fine Arts Boston

For shape: Museum of Fine Arts Boston


Period: 4th century BC.


Condition: Very fine, with chipping to the rim and handle, scratches to the glaze and a minor hairline crack on the underside of the concave base; sticker glue stain on the bottom and some discolouration of the surface glaze.

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