Measurements: height – 8.6 cm, diameter – 20 cm


Description: An extremely fine Attic terracotta kylix, featuring  D-shape applied loop handles and a tall pedestal foot. The kylix was commonly used in Ancient Greece as a traditional wine-drinking cup.  The central medallion of the vessel is unglazed and has been left unpainted other than two concentric circles, highlighting the terracotta’s natural bright red hue. The rest of the interior is glazed in black.


The underside of the kylix tends to be its most decorated area, as this would be displayed to onlookers as one drank from the vessel. The body is covered in glossy black glaze, which has been applied to the handles and foot as well. The underside of the bowl features a highly stylised vegetal motif, with an ovolo motif painted in white. Concentric circles are visible around the foot of the kylix, one of which consists of a thick black band. Directly surrounding the foot is a circle of fine vertical lines of less than a centimetre in their length. This attention to detail and highly stylised form appear to be the work of a highly skilled painter.


Condition: Very fine condition with some slight erosion of black gloss.


Date: Circa 5th – 4th Century BC

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