Greek Boeotian Statuette

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A finely crafted Greek terracotta statuette of a woman, shown standing on a rectangular base, her arms at her sides, wearing a high polos on her head and a long draped peplos. Facial features and hair appear gently rendered in a naturalistically manner. Traces of the original pigmentation are visible on the figure’s body and face. This statuette is a fine example of the common Boeotian type of the Greek Classical period.

Date: Circa 5th-4th Century BC
Condition: Fine, minor repairs. Traces of the original pigmentation still visible.


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Terracotta statuettes such as this beautiful example, were potted in a specific region in north Attica, Boeotia, famous for its terracotta production of votive statuettes and figurines. All Greek sculptural production was originally polychrome. Few examples of statues and statuettes have come down to modern times in their original condition with their polychromy intact. This figurine is a perfect example of how statuettes of this type used to appear in Ancient Greece.

Dimensions H 32 cm

Southern Europe