Greek Bronze Seal Ring

£ 280.00

A finely modelled Greek bronze seal finger ring, featuring a D-shaped loop and an oval bezel. The bezel is engraved with the depiction of a bare-chested half human male figure, possibly the Greek god Pan or a satyr. The image has been carved in intaglio, and would likely have been the seal ring of the original owner. UK ring size H.

Date: Circa 4th-3rd century AD
Condition: Fine, complete and intact. Stable bronze with beautiful green patination to the surface. The ring has been worn and the patina has been rubbed off slightly on the band.


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The figure depicted on the bezel might be referred to the mythical Greek god Pan. In Ancient Greek religion and mythology Pan was the deity upon wildness and hunting, usually depicted as a half-human male figure having legs and horns of a goat and tail of a horse. A nice wearable piece with much history.

Dimensions W 1.8 cm



Southern Europe

Greek Mythology


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