Greek Hellenistic Bronze Wine Strainer

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An elaborate Greek Hellenistic bronze wine strainer with dual handles forming loops in the shape of twisting snakes. It takes the form of a shallow dish complete with four rings of perforations in the centre in order to drain the wine. The details of the snakeheads are intricately incised, highlighting the considerable attention to detail in the production of such a piece.

Date: Circa 4th-2nd Century BC
Condition: Very fine, intact. A beautiful green patina covers the surface.


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Strainers of this type were used to separate out sediments which could be found in wine. Such an elaborate design for a simple utilitarian object is unsurprising considering the dramatic and dynamic art style of the period, in comparison to the preceding Classical period. Bronze strainers were also used in kitchenware, in the preparation of sauces. Strainers have been largely recovered in graves, as part of the feasting and drinking equipment which accompanied the social Hellenistic elite to the next world. In Classical and Hellenistic Greece wine was tightly linked to the religious dimension, not only used in celebrations to the gods and in funeral ceremonies, but also during banquets and symposia.

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Dimensions L 20 cm



Southern Europe

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