Greek Bronze Satyr Statuette

£ 3,500.00

A finely modelled Ancient Greek bronze statuette of a standing satyr, with goat legs and horns, human torso and bent head. The figure is bearded and shown holding a shepherd’s cane in his right arm. Facial and anatomical features are rendered in a naturalistic manner, with much attention given towards details.

Date: Circa 3rd-2nd century BC
Condition: Fine. Left arm missing from the elbow, traces of patination. The item has been mounted on a custom-made stand, ideal for display.
Product Code: GS-07
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In Ancient Greek culture and mythology satyrs, half-human, half-goat creatures were synonymous with wild and uncivilized behaviour when it came to manners, drinking and sex. They were famous for obscenity, which is borderline humorous and as such are the basis of satyr-plays. They were always roaming forests and countryside, being prominent members of Dionysian thiasos (procession) and inevitable members of his wine-infused entourage. Aside from theatrical plays, they were a frequent and loved motif in ancient art serving as eternal reminder of idyllic, pastoral, careless life with no civic boundaries. This is a lovely and rare piece belonging to the Late Hellenistic period.

Dimensions H 7.4 cm

Southern Europe



Greek Mythology


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