Greek Statuette of a Seated Man

£ 450.00

A finely crafted Greek terracotta figurine of a seated young man. The figure is shown bare chested, reclining with the left arm tense to support the body. The right arm rests lightly on the right knee. Traces of original pigmentation are clearly visible on the artefact.

Date: Circa 4th–3rd century BC
Condition: Fine, signs of aging on the surface. Original pigmentation well conserved. A stress crack visible on the top and at the back of the head.


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The position of the figure can refer to the typically Greek and Roman practice of reclining to dine, drink and converse. Traces of the original pigmentation of a bright pink, red, yellow and white are visible on the figure’s body and face. All Greek sculptural production was originally polychrome. Few examples of statues and statuettes have come down to modern times in their original condition with their polychromy intact.

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Dimensions H 7 cm



Southern Europe