Large Ancient Greek Gold and Garnet Hoop Earrings

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A stunning and substantial matching pair of golden earrings from Ancient Greece. A large solid, high karat gold hoop with a narrowing and twisted end, embellished by a single gold granule, features two smaller hoops, a small one to the side and a larger one also embellished by a single gold granule to the bottom. A dangling gold wire pendant composed of oval garnet stones interspersed with golden granulated beads, the top and bottom in a double row and the central one in a single row, completes these exceptional earrings, which manifest the elegance, complexity and sophistication of ancient Greek jewellery.  Weight: 22.07 g.

Date: Circa 3rd to 1st Century BC
Provenance: From an important collection of a Japanese gentleman, deceased, 1970-2015.
Condition: Extremely fine, the high karat gold is in excellent condition. The stones display some unevenness on the surface. Please consult a professional jeweller for alterations.


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As in many ancient societies, jewellery was an important social marker used to demonstrate wealth and richness. In Ancient Greek culture jewellery was worn in everyday life but was also buried with the decease as part of his or her funerary outfit. Jewellery might have been enriched by precious and semi-precious stones and decorative motives would have included popular myths, gods, goddesses, and heroes.

In Antiquity, garnet was very popular due to its deep colouration and for the meaning that was attributed to it. The word garnet originates from the Latin word granatus translating to seed or grain. In Ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Hades gave pomegranate seeds to his lover Persephone, as a token of safety, while she was leaving the underworld to join her mother Demeter in the human world. The semi-precious stone, recalling the colour and the shape of the pomegranate seed, became a typical gift exchanged between separated lovers.

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Dimensions L 6.8 cm

Southern Europe