Measurements: 1.8 cm –internal diameter. UK ring size P. Weight: 9.85 g.


Description: A superb and rare late Hellenistic solid gold finger seal ring, featuring a round section hoop and a large, oval bezel. The bezel is finely engraved with the depiction of a deity shown wearing a long draped vest and holding a staff and what appears to be a cornucopia.


The deity might be referred to the goddess Tyche, the Greek equivalent for the Roman goddess Fortuna. In Ancient Greek mythology and culture Tyche was the tutelary deity who governed fortune and prosperity. The word  cornucopia derives from the Latin words  cornus, meaning horn, and copia, which means abundance.


Period: Late Hellenistic Period, circa 2nd-1st century BC.


Condition: Rare and unique piece. Extremely fine condition. Signs of aging on the surface.

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