Measurements: 12 cm – height, 9.5 cm  - width


A small Gnathia blackware glazed terracotta jug with a trefoil lip. The vessel dispalys an ovoid body and its handle reaches from rim to shoulder. The body is decorated with deeply incised grooves and finished off in high black gloss with some of the original white paint still visible. The base is set on a broad, shallow foot. 


Gnathia was a Greek colony in southern Italy. It exhibits some of the defining traits associated with Italic pottery painting – namely, a polychromatic design painted onto a glazed black surface, often with vegetal motifs. The trefoil lip allowed for the careful pouring of contents, while also adding aesthetic value and interest to the jug. This would likely have been used as a storage vessel.


Period: Circa 4th Century BC


Condition: Very fine, with signs of ageing and earthly encrustations on the surface.

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