Selection of Alexander the Great Silver Coins

An Ancient Greek selection of beautiful silver drachms of Alexander the Great.

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Date: Circa 4th-3rd Century BC
Condition: Very fine.
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The Greek drachma (ελληνική δραχμή) was the name given to the currency of Ancient Greece. It takes its name from the drachma, the ancient unit of measurement used in many Greek city-states and in many Middle Eastern kingdoms of the Hellenistic period.

Alexander the Great was the legendary king of the Hellenistic Kingdom of Macedon. Born in 356 BC, he succeeded his father, Philip II, when he was just 20 years old. In just 10 years from his ascension to the throne, he built one of the largest empires of the Ancient World, as his kingdom stretched from the Adriatic Sea to the Indus river. He died in Babylon, which he intended to make the capital of his empire, in 323 BC, at just 33 years of age.


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Greek Mythology


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