Selection of Cypriot Pomegranate Gold Pendants

£ 300.00

A selection of Ancient Cypriot hollow gold pendants, finely modelled in the shape of pomegranates, each featuring a suspension loop to the top. Such beads would have been originally part of a necklace, or sewed to garments.

Please not that the price is per each bead, and that this is a general lot and more than one item is available for purchase. Length supplied may vary slightly by a few millimetres. Individual selection is not available.

Date: Circa 1500-1000 BC
Provenance: From the collection of a lady collector, formerly strung with about other 40 gold beads and hard-stone beads. The beads have been acquired from Astarte Gallery, Audrey Davis, Britannia Hotel, W1, around 1995.
Condition: Extremely fine, each bead is suitable for modern wear with care.


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In Ancient Greek mythology, the pomegranate was a symbol of abundance, fecundity and prosperity. Hades was known to have given pomegranate seeds to his lover Persephone, as a token of safety, while she was leaving the underworld to join her mother Demeter in the human world. The pomegranate became also a symbol of the indissolubility of marriage, hence they were used not only as a decorative motif on jewellery, but also on terracotta artefacts and vessels.

Dimensions H 1 cm



Near East (Western Asiatic), Southern Europe

Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum, item 74.51.3636.

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