Measurements: 10.7 cm height, 8.2 cm width


Description: A beautiful Daunian pale buff terracotta oinochoe with an ovoid body, wide strap handle, short conical neck, trefoil rim and ring foot. The oinochoe is decorated with red designs, the most striking of which are three rings that encircle the body. At the base of the neck there is a wavy border, and the top of the rim is painted red. There are also four red accents that are spaced out along the wide strap handle to form a ladder pattern, and two identical three-leaf ornaments that adorn either side of the front-facing mouth.


The oinochoe is a type of widely used Greek vase. Its name comes from the Greek oînos, meaning 'wine', and the verb khéō, meaning 'I pour'. This piece is the chous type, which was a squat rounded oinochoe with trefoil mouth made to serve wine. It comes from the region of Apulia where ancient Daunia was situated, now in the modern provinces of Foggia and Messapia.


Provenance: Ex. Belgian collection.


Reference: Museum of Fine Arts Boston


Period: 5th - 4th century BC


Condition: Very fine, intact, with minor chipping and scratching over the surface.

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