Measurements: 16 cm- height


Description: A beautiful terracotta black ware kalathos from South Italy. The vessel features a flattened base, long cylindrical body and a wide flaring rim. Considering the sand-coloured clay, the vessel can be referred to the Daunian culture.


The Daunians were an Italic tribe inhabiting northern Apulia in classical antiquity, before the Greek expansion in south Italy. Starting in the Late Bronze Age (11th century BC), a local ceramic production was developed in the region, characterized by a light coloured purified clay and a decoration with simple geometric patterns. This  production  continued uninterrupted until the Hellenistic age, showing peculiar characteristics according to the different areas of the region. The glossy black finishing allows a relatively more recent dating of the vessel, between the 5th and the 4th century AD, thus bringing the vase closer to the typical Greek-Apulia production.


Period: Circa 5th - 4th century BC


Condition: Fine, signs of aging on the surface, minor chip to one side.

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