Measurements: height – 10.8 cm, width – 12.5 cm


Description: An Early Bronze Age terracotta jar of globular body with ledge handles. Uneven rim, traces of slip still visible. Red-brownish colour, common to this period as well as the ledge handles. The holemouth rim first appeared in the Chalcolithic period in the Ghassulian culture and enjoyed widespread popularity in the Early Bronze Age. The ledge handle itself was quite diversified that it even has a separate typology; this ones would belong to Type 1 – plain, according to Amiran. Paired with the holemouth rim, the two features were the main characteristics of jars in the Early Bronze Age.


Reference: Amiran, R., Ancient pottery of the Holy Land, 1969, PL. 2, Fig. 20


Period: 3300 – 3000 BC


Condition: Very fine.

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