Measurements: 17 cm – width, 15 cm – diameter, 11 cm – height


Description: A tall Holy Land red burnished ware bowl with pedestal base. From its narrow concave pedestal base, the bowl narrows and then widens to its high shoulders, with its rim slightly turned in. The shape of the bowl is irregular due to it being hand-worked - at this time the pottery wheel had not yet become ubiquitous and was not widely used. Equally spaced around the shoulders are four plain ledge handles and four thumb-indented ledge handles for holding and decoration. The period is characterised by red burnished and grey burnished wares, which were rarely painted.


Reference:  Amiran, R., 1969, Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land, p. 42, photo 23.


Period: Early Bronze Age/Late Chalcolithic Period, 3100 - 2900 BC.


Condition: Very fine, with chipping to the rim and base, accretions over the whole and a stress crack running horizontally along the lower body of the bowl.

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