Holy Land Late Bronze Age Terracotta Dipper Cup

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A pleasant pale terracotta shallow dipper cup from the Holy Land. This hand moulded drinking vessel features a rounded body, a very lightly out-turned rim and large loop handle with a pinched top. Some light surface dirt in places as excavated and some minor chips to rim.

Date: Circa 1550-1200 BC.
Period: Late Bronze Age.
Provenance: Important collection by descent, pre 1998.
Condition: Fine condition, with minor chips to rim and some earthly encrustations.


Product Code: HLS-11

Pottery vessels dated to the Late Bronze Age have been widely excavated across the Holy Land, indicating the close association between terracotta vessels and the proto-urbanised life. During the Late Bronze Age, pottery bowls, with either sharp or gentle carination design, are believed to have imitated the early practices on metal wares.  Most of the Bronze Age terracotta bowls from the Holy Land were made for a daily purpose.

To discover more about pottery from this region, please visit our relevant post: Holy Land Pottery.

Dimensions W 9.5 x H 3.8 cm

Near East (Western Asiatic)



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