Measurements: height – 12 cm, width – 9.2 cm


Description: A buff-ware vessel of globular shape, set on a low foot. The juglet has a flaring mouth, a narrow neck and a wide shoulder. The flattened handle connects the rim of the mouth to the shoulder.  Decorated with a geometrical ornament formed of two wide horizontal bands with vertical lines in between and X-pattern repeated three times across the shoulder in a dark red slip. There are also incised lines visible around the body, a remnant of the forming process. Such juglets were often used to store perfume oils.


Provenance: From a German collection; acquired on the German art market before 1990.


Period: 1000 – 600 BC, Iron Age


Condition: Very fine. A chip to the base and a small chip to the handle. Coarse surface due to particles in clay. 

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