Frankish Yellow Glass Beaker

£ 1,250.00

A finely blown Frankish glass beaker, displaying a beautiful yellow-green colour. The glass features a concave base, a wide rim and many small air bubbles to the surface.

Date: Circa 6th-7th Century AD
Condition: Fine with minor scratches to the surface.


Product Code: MS-22

Glass would have enjoyed a variety of uses among the Franks, from glass vessels to pieces of jewellery. Glass beakers, such as this beautiful example, followed the examples set by the Romans, and were used as piece of tableware. Frankish glass has been recovered in archaeological excavation from land stretching across the Lower and Middle Rhine, both in settlements and cemetery sites, proving that glass vessels would have once been intended as funerary goods.

Dimensions H 6.5 cm

Blown Glass


Central Europe

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