Measurements: 11 cm- length


Description: An extremely fine Medieval French gilded copper-alloy figure of Jesus Christ on the cross, with hands and feet pierced for pins. The figure is portrayed with his head turning to the left, gently displaying the sufferance he is expiring. Facial and anatomical features are rendered with incised lines.


During Medieval Times, crucifixes showing Jesus on the cross were a widely recognised symbol of Christianity and its denominations. A crucifix of this type would most likely have been used for personal worship. It is still to this day one of the most common symbols of Christianity, and has not diminished in its popularity. This particular crucifix was made with the gilding technique. Gilding is the technique whereby a layer of gold powder is applied to a material, in this case copper-alloy.


Period: France, Circa 13th-14th Century


Provenance: Property of a north London gentleman; formerly in a Dutch private collection.


Condition: Fine, original pins missing on the hands, while the pin on his feet is intact. Part of the original gold gilding till visible. Professionally repaired to the left hand.




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