Measurements: 7.5 cm length


Description: An Ancient Viking silver amulet pendant composed of a twisted shaft ending in a cross-shaped finial. Such amulet would have been attached to a votive ring.


Both Viking men and women enjoyed wearing jewellery as an indicator of wealth, social status and with religious and amuletic purposes. Viking votive rings are large rings made from iron, bronze or silver with twisted locks of different types, usually worn around the neck. Smaller examples have also been also recovered in Scandinavian cremation graves, with amulets in different shapes attached. When found complete, votive rings feature suspended hammers, spatulae and axe-head miniatures. They can be dated to the 9th century AD and they usually come from the Scandinavian Malar region.


Period: Circa 9th Century AD.


Condition: Fine, complete and intact.

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