Medieval Axe-Head with Maker’s Mark

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A superb European Medieval iron axe-head, probably of German origin, with a D-shaped shaft-hole widening to a broad bevelled edge with a ‘bearded’ profile and a flattened back. The axe bears a clearly visible maker’s mark: an eight-pointed star within a circle. The axe is pierced with a trefoil, which was common for axes of this period.

Date: Circa 15th–16th Century AD
Provenance: Private Austrian collection.
Condition: Very fine, small chips on the blade.


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A variety of marks and decorative stamps on the surface were also frequent on axes of this period. The so-called ‘bearded’ axes were used as a weapon and a grappling tool alike, they were used for woodworking too. Bearded axes are most commonly associated with Viking Age Scandinavians. For Vikings they were particularly useful for hooking the enemy weapon or shield.

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Dimensions L 17 cm

Western Europe