Medieval Bible Leaf from Britain

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A finely decorated leaf from a Latin Bible of the Old and New Testament, carefully calligraphed and ornamented in Britain at the beginning of the 13th Century. The leaf is composed of two columns of 44 lines, ruled in dark ink. The text is a fine example of the popular Medieval and Renaissance gothic book-hand script, known as lettre bâtarde. The leaf is executed in red, white, green and blue tempera, gold and liquid gold. The recto features a pigmented intra-columns decoration, comprising scrolls and geometric motives, ending at the top of the page with the depiction of heron.

Date: Circa early 13th century AD
Condition: Extremely fine


Product Code: MS-18
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In Christian Medieval iconography herons were believed to represent those who fearing the disorder of the world, elevated themselves in the spirit. This analogy might be explained with the herons’ custom to fly high above stormy clouds, to avoid storms.

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Dimensions L 19.3 x W 14 cm



Western Europe

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