Selection of Avar Arrowheads

A selection of hand-forged trilobate Avar arrowheads.

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Date: Circa 6th to 8th century AD.
Provenance: Austrian private collection.
Condition: Item A: very fine, with areas of pitting forming holes on two of the blades and some minor chipping to edges. - Item B: very fine, with minor pitting and very little chipping to edges. - Item C: very fine, with some pitting and chips to the edges.
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Trilobate arrows were widely used for their armour-piercing qualities and lightweight, which permitted a more portable bow. Avar warriors used them against Roman soldiers and other enemies. These arrows could be fired up to 1500 feet. According to some historians, Avars introduced important military technology to Europe – an iron stirrup, which made the soldiers on horseback more secure and steady in the saddle. They also used a composite bow – skilled Avar riders at full gallop could shoot up to twenty arrows a minute.

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