Measurements: item A: 11.8 cm – length, item B: 6.6 cm – length, item C: 10 cm - length


Description: A selection of Medieval iron leaf-shaped hand-forged arrowheads. Item A is an elongated slender leaf-shaped arrowhead with a tapered blade and socketed base. This item features dark patination all over the surface. Item B is a small leaf-shaped arrow tip with a small raised collar where the blade meets the long tang for insertion into a wooden shaft. The item is slightly bent. Item C is another elongated leaf-shaped arrow with a long tapered blade and  short socketed base for mounting. Price is per each item. Please e-mail a letter of your preferred arrowhead prior to your purchase. ITEM A AND C HAVE BEEN SOLD.


Provenance: Private Austrian collection.


Period: 12th – 15th cent. AD


Condition: Very fine. With some areas of pitting to the surface and minor chipping to edges.


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