Selection of Medieval Crossbow Bolts

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A selection of Medieval iron hand-forged crossbow bolts (sometimes called quarrels). The bolts have four sides with sharp pyramid-shaped tips, some of them with traces of whetting. Their shapes vary from straight tips with tapering sockets to diamond-shaped tips with tapering sockets. The bolts are usually shorter than arrows, but several times heavier.

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Date: Circa 13th – 15th cent. AD
Provenance: Private Austrian collection.
Condition: Very fine. With some areas of pitting to the surface and minor chipping to edges.
£ 40.00
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In the armies of Medieval Europe, mounted and un-mounted crossbowmen, often mixed with slingers, javelineers and archers, occupied a central position in battle formations. Crossbowmen were also valuable in counterattacks to protect their infantry. The rank of commanding officer of the crossbowmen corps was one of the highest positions in any army of this time. These pieces are normally found throughout central Europe and especially on sites of Austro-Hungarian battlefields.

To discover more about warfare and weapons in the Middle Ages, please visit our relevant blog post: Medieval Weaponry.

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