Measurements: 3.5 cm - height


Description: A small marble Anatolian ‘stargazer’ head, of Kiliya type with a broad backward tilting schematic head on a narrow neck. The item does not come with a stand. The colloquial title ‘stargazer’ comes from the large head of the idol (it used to be a complete statuette) being slightly tilted back to give the impression of an upward stare. Only around fifteen of these idols survive in almost-complete form (fragments are more numerous) as most examples were broken across the neck at the time of burial.


Reference: Von Bothmer, D., Glories of the past: Ancient Art from the Shelby White and Leon Levy Collection, 1990.


Provenance: Property of a German gentleman, acquired in 1980 – 1990.


Period: Chalcolithic, 3300 – 2500 BC


Condition: Very fine.


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