Elamite Bronze Genius Bowl Attachment

£ 6,000.00

A finely executed Iron Age Elamite bronze figural protome, styled as a winged male divinity which might have once been attached to a bronze cauldron. The male divinity is presented holding a trident in each hand that naturally extends from his shoulder, his hands curled around each shaft. He wears a long garment that conceals his feet which has been decorated with elongated leaf and herringbone patterns.  He is portrayed bearded, wearing a round and low cap, featuring Assyrian-influenced facial features including exaggerated, almond-shaped eyes, sensual, full lips, and a pyramidal nose. His garment is divided into three ornamental segments, the central panel is richly decorated with hatched vertical bands and lappets to the hem, and each of the side panels is decorated with diagonal incisions. The protome is gently curved, suggesting it once graced the sides of a metal bowl. A highly unusual piece with meticulous detailing. The piece is supplied with a custom-made stand ( 224.6 g) that is include to the weight of attachment.

Date: Circa 8th-7th century BC
Provenance: Acquired in the 1990s. With a London gallery. Property of a London collector; from her family's private collection. Accompanied by an archaeological expertise by Dr. Raffaele D’Amato.
Condition: Very fine condition, object is covered with attractive patina on the surface.
Product Code: NES-130
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In the middle of the second millennium BC, the state of Elam, achieved much progress in political and military power, to form a unique artistic style that is distinctively unique. Elamite metal objects, ranging from small zoomorphic votives figurines to figural representations, reflect a strong aesthetic adherence to Assyrian, Hasanlu, and Mesopotamian traditions. Bronze male figural protomes, first came to light with the discovery of Etruscan bronze cauldrons that were excavated from Etruscan noble tumuli. These specific examples highlighted an ancient Near Eastern origin, based on the close parallels found on Assyrian, Anatolian and Hasanlu bronze cauldrons. This Elamite male figural bowl protome, might have been executed in close association with its Assyrian, and Anatolian prototypes. This object, not only embraces mixed aesthetic styles, but is infused with profound cultural significance in terms of cultural interactions during the Iron Age Near East.

Weight 810.7 g
Dimensions W 10.3 x H 14.7 cm



Near East (Western Asiatic)

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