Measurements: 10.5 - 12.2 cm - length


Description: A selection cast bronze arrowheads with double-edged blades, signs of whetting, protruded midribs flowing into long square straight tangs. Item A: blade of a triangular shape with angular shoulders, a stamped notch to one of edges close to the tip; midrib flattens to the top. Item B: leaf-shaped with turned-in hook-like sharpened shoulders; strong rod-like midrib of consistent thickness over the whole length. Item C: triangular-shaped with slightly bend-in sharpened shoulders; midrib flattens to the top. Such arrowheads are more commonly found in the territories of ancient Western Persia (modern Iran) and were used between late 2nd and early 1st millennia. Price is per individual item. Please state your preference while ordering.


Reference: The British Museum - item A and C

The British Museum - item B


Period: 1200 - 800 BC


Condition: Very fine, bronze with light green patination and light encrustations.

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