Luristan Bronze Arrowheads

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A selection of Luristan cast bronze arrowheads with double-edged blades, signs of whetting, protruded midribs flowing into long square straight tangs. Such arrowheads are more commonly found in the territories of ancient Western Persia (modern Iran) and were used between late 2nd and early 1st millennia.

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Date: Circa 1200-800 BC
Condition: Very fine, bronze with light green patination and light encrustations.
£ 65.00
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Ancient Persian craftsmen developed great skills in bronze working, crafting some of the finest tools and weaponry at the time available. These include a great number of ornaments, tools, weapons, horse-fittings, as well as a smaller number of vessels. They have been uncovered in recorded excavations, and generally come from burial sites. The ethnicity of the people who created them remains unclear, though they may well have been Persian, and possibly related to the modern Lur people (who have given their name to the area).

To learn more about the metalwork of ancient Luristan, visit our relevant blog post: Ancient Luristan and the Luristan Bronzes.


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