Luristan Bronze Sword with Fan-Shaped Pommel and Penannular Rib

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An extremely fine Luristan bronze sword, featuring a triangular blade with sharp edges tapering to a point and curved terminals that slightly flare out. The blade displays a square midrib that extends until the midpoint, towards the tip. At the base, the midrib is encircled by a penannular rib that presents as a continuation of the hilt. The hilt features three raised parallel ridges, forming a finger grip and culminates in a threefold fan-shaped pommel. The sword is covered with an appealing reddish-brown and green patination.

Dimensions of the sword without the stand: L 46.6cm x 6cm

Date: Circa 1800 - 600 BC
Condition: Very fine condition. Few and minor chips to the edges of the blade, mostly to the terminals. The surface is covered with a patination. Is fitted with a custom-made stand


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Luristan bronze comes from the province of Lorestan, a region situated in the Zagros Mountains. In ancient times a number of nomadic populations, such as the Medes, the Kassites and eventually the Persians, settled in the area. Due to the nomadic nature of the tribes, none of the Luristan bronzes were of great size, since it was required for them to be light and portable. Their artwork mainly comprises ornaments, vessels and weapons. Most of Luristan bronze items have been recovered in funerary contexts, suggesting that such weapons would have been used not only in everyday life but also with ceremonial purposes.

To learn more about the metalwork of ancient Luristan, visit our relevant blog post: Ancient Luristan and the Luristan Bronzes.

Weight 831 g
Dimensions L 46.6 x H 19.5 cm



Near East (Western Asiatic)

Reference: For a similar weapon, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, item 60.82.1

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