Mehrgarh Bichrome Storage Jar With Bulls

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A bichrome terracotta storage vessel from the Mehrgarh civilisation. The jar features a squat carinated body, leading to an everted flaring rim and sitting on a shallow discoid foot. On the shoulders, a frieze of black painted bulls, each depicted in profile, unnaturally stretched with a long thin body and large horns and a single, very large eye. Between and surrounding the bulls, stylized vegetation. A simple black band to the base of the decorated register, and two to the top.

Date: Circa 3rd-2nd Millennium BC.
Provenance: Formerly from a late Japanese gentleman's collection, 1970s-2010s.
Condition: Fine, stable crack to one side, some loss of pigmentation due to ageing. Earthly encrustations all over, some indentations.


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This vessel displays the iconography and style of the vessels produced in Mergharh, one of the earliest known sites that displays evidence of farming and herding in South Asia, in modern day Pakistan. Heavily influenced by the Neolithic civilisations of the Near East, with striking similarities between the cultivated wheat varieties, early phases of cattle herding, and pottery and other archaeological artefacts production. According to some scholars, the Mergharh culture later migrated to the Indus Valley and here became the Indus Valley Civilisation of the Bronze Age. This theses is supported by the similar style in decoration that the Indus Valley employed on their artefacts.

Dimensions W 14 x H 11.5 cm



Near East (Western Asiatic)

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